About LegionOur Story so far


In the beginning

Once upon a time (1985, in fact), Carl and Jerry went hitchhiking around Europe.

When they returned to their castle (Nottingham), they tried to think of what work they could do.  Their only qualifications being a driving licence, they conceived the idea of a courier business transporting hitchhikers around the world.

But there was a problem. Hitchhikers have no money. Time for a rethink, methinks.

Edinburgh Festival T Shirt 1986

Festive spirit

So. Designed a load of T-shirts for the Edinburgh Festival and applied for a street traders licence. Luckily enough the duo received a mobile licence in the mail on the very morning they were setting off.

The licence proved invaluable, as it allowed them to trade anywhere within the Edinburgh city limits. Despite regular attempts to move them on by the authorities Carl & Jerry soon became a magnet for other traders without licences, selling goods on their behalf…


A delivery service is born

Seeking a regular source of income, Carl & Jerry used the profits from the Edinburgh Festival T-shirts to buy an ex-RAC van. A swift transformation with new paintwork and hand crafted signwriting and Legion Direct Couriers was born.

The pair offered direct delivery of goods throughout the UK to local businesses and quickly got to know the roads of Britain. The name ? Legion was in honour of the Roman roads that featured in those long journeys.


Opportunity Beckons

While out and about up north the Legion Direct Courier van was spotted by the head of a fledgling delivery network who liked the look of what he saw and got in touch to offer a delivery territory to the hardworking pals.

Sensing a great opportunity a deal was struck and Legion Express became a reality with ready access to a UK wide network of delivery companies. The concept was simple ; an overnight connection to a group of like minded transport firms with each outfit looking after deliveries on their local patch the following day.

Legion Express Office

Our first office...was a shed


Legion Two Vans

Uniforms have always been compulsory at Legion Express (for drivers, not customers).


Moved Premises

Legion Express was so successful that they outgrew the shed at the bottom of the garden.

They relocated their business to Top Valley, positioning themselves strategically so that they could cover the Nottingham road network.


21st Century Legion

Like those original legionnaires, we never stand still.  We had to meet the  challenges of the 21st Century, surviving the millennium bug, rising fuel prices, a worldwide financial recession and 15 Eurovision Song Contests.


Silver Service

We celebrated 25 years of delivering, having sent over a million parcels from Nottingham to the rest of the world.

The original legionnaires would have said, “All roads lead to Rome.”

We say: “All roads lead from Nottingham.”

Enjoy reading about our history.We all love our family and at Legion Express we want you to feel the difference this makes when you become a part of ours.

As Sister Sledge put it (hope you like disco by the way):

We are fam-i-ly
Brothers and sisters are we
Here’s what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do”
That’s why the family side is our side, we want you in.

That’s what we do. We look out for you.