Terms & ConditionsSummary of Main Points

Read our full terms and conditions and you’ll see we’ve hidden nothing.

What’s insured? And what isn’t?

Standard insurance cover of £10 per kg is included for all consignments with the exception of items containing, ceramics, glass, liquids and other excluded items not covered by our insurance (see clause 3)

Can I have additional insurance?

Yes, additional insurance is available on request at £5 per £500 worth of cover

How are consignment costs calculated?

All consignments are charged at actual weight, unless the volumetric weight is greater

  • Volumetric weight = Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) then divide by 5,000
  • Single items weighing in excess of 25kg will be charged as pallets
  • Items longer than 1.5 metres attract an additional manual handling charge
What are the limits of Legion Express’ responsibility?

Legion Express won’t be liable for certain losses and damages and, if they are, liability is limited to a fixed amount. In cases where insurance cover is not available from Legion Express customers should seek their own insurance cover. This is usually known as Marine Insurance and often offers a better level of cover at a reasonable cost (see clause 22)