Volumetric Weights

All consignments are charged at the physical weight, unless the volumetric weight is greater

The calculation

This is the formula you need to use to calculate the volumetric weight of your parcel :


Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) then divide by 5,000



Let’s say you have a parcel that is 60cm x 50cm x 10cm, then the volumetric weight would be 6kg.  The calculation being: (60 x 50 x 10) / 5,000 = 6

Similarly, if you had a parcel 150cm x 40cm x 20cm, then the volumetric weight would be 24kg. The calculation being: (150 x 40 x 20) / 5,000 = 24

Due to Health & Safety limits, single items weighing in excess of 25kg will be converted onto pallets and charged accordingly

Items longer than 1.5 metres attract an additional manual handling charge

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Volumetric Weights
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